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Learn how we are changing cannabis industry horticultural research.

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Our mission is to partner with academia and cannabis industry stakeholders to advance the exploration of the cannabis plant and implement science-based research to develop cultivation techniques for sustainability, efficiency and profitability.

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The Cannabis Research Coalition is a professional group dedicated to cannabis research. Dr. Allison Justice & The Hemp Mine LLC, an industry leader in cannabis genetics and production, have partnered with Dr. Jim Faust’s Flowering Physiology Laboratory at Clemson University to address the cultivation and postharvest issues that challenge today’s cannabis industry.

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“We are at an unprecedented time in the history of plant science where we have an incredibly valuable plant for which there is almost zero scientific cultivation research. The opportunities to improve production methods with solid data are vast. It is truly a unique and exciting time to be a horticultural scientist.” 

- Jim Faust, PhD., Clemson University Flowering Physiology Laboratory

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Our approach is to combine the resources of Cannabis industry stakeholders—individuals and businesses—to fund academic research that provides practical answers to the questions that limit our success as an industry.


The cooperative research model, whereby members benefit from the pooled resources of an entire group, has driven horticulture and greenhouse research for decades. Cooperative research allows you to be at the cutting edge of science-based research for a fraction of the actual cost. By partnering with colleagues, collaborators, and sometimes competitors, you can stay at the forefront of production know-how.

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