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Supporting Cannabis Research:

A Message from the Cannabis Research Coalition


Dear Supporters,

We at the Cannabis Research Coalition are on a pioneering journey to deepen the understanding and enhance the cultivation of the cannabis plant. Our mission is a blend of scientific curiosity, academic rigor, and innovative collaboration with both academia and industry stakeholders.


Our goal? To unlock new knowledge that leads to more sustainable, efficient, and profitable cannabis cultivation practices.


A For-Profit Entity with a Research-Focused Mission

It's important for us to be upfront about our structure: At this time we are a for-profit organization. However, we stand at a unique intersection where commerce meets academia in the field of cannabis research. This positioning allows us to dynamically respond to the needs of the industry while pushing the boundaries of scientific exploration.


Why Donations Matter

While we wait for our 501(c)(3) application approval, contributions to the Cannabis Research Coalition may not be tax-deductible until then, your donations play a crucial role in our ecosystem. They enable us to partner more effectively with academic institutions, fund groundbreaking studies, and implement projects that might not be immediately profitable but are crucial for the long-term sustainability and understanding of cannabis cultivation.


Purpose of Your Donations

Your support through donations is directed towards:

  • Academic Partnerships: Funding collaborations with universities and research institutions to explore uncharted territories in cannabis science.

  • Innovative Research Projects: Supporting studies focused on sustainability, plant genetics, cultivation efficiencies, consumer experience and the development of new processes and technologies.

  • Educational Initiatives: Creating resources and tools to disseminate research findings to both the scientific community and the public, fostering a more informed and responsible approach to cannabis cultivation and consumption.

Join Us

By supporting the Cannabis Research Coalition, you're not just donating; you're investing in the future of cannabis science. You're helping to pave the way for a more sustainable, efficient, and profitable industry that benefits everyone from growers to consumers, and beyond.

We invite you to join us in this exciting journey. Your support, whether as a donor or as a CRC member, is invaluable. Together, we can achieve remarkable strides in cannabis research and cultivation.

Thank you for considering support for our cause. Your belief in our mission fuels our progress.


The Cannabis Research Coalition

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