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The Science Of Smokability (SOS) Study PHASE II - The Effect of Nutrients and Flushing- WAITLIST

Participate in phase II of The Science of Smokability with us! A 2+ year series of scientific experiments focusing on cultivation and processing metrics to produce the most pleasant smoking experience. Research is Led by: Dr. Allison Justcie Dr. Miyabe Shields Dr. Riley Kirk Dr. Markus Roggen

The Science Of Smokability (SOS) Study PHASE II - The Effect of Nutrients and Flushing- WAITLIST
The Science Of Smokability (SOS) Study PHASE II - The Effect of Nutrients and Flushing- WAITLIST

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Time is TBD



About the event

Phase 1 registration is now closed, and we are welcoming applicants to the waitlist for Phase II.

Introducing Phase II (The Effect of Nutrients & Flushing) of the "Science of Smokability" study, a pioneering research project brought to you by the collaboration of the Cannabis Research Coalition (CRC), The Network of Applied Pharmacognosy (NAP), and Controlled Chemistry. This groundbreaking study is the first of its kind to comprehensively explore how different cultivation techniques and post-harvest practices, such as drying and curing, influence the quality of cannabis smoke.

Our in-depth investigation into cannabis focuses on understanding the relationship between growing practices, flower characteristics, and post-harvest handling on its smokeability and sought-after attributes.

Ever curious about what contributes to the smoothness of cannabis smoke, the influence of cultivation on ash color, or how it lights? 

We're embarking on a multi-phase research project to decode these aspects, connecting growers, medical professionals, and consumers in the process.

The research is spearheaded by Dr. Allison Justice from (CRC) and the Hemp Mine, Dr. Riley Kirk and Dr. Miyabe Shields from (NAP), and Dr. Markus Rogen from Controlled Chemistry. Our study will cover the entire cannabis lifecycle, "from seed to smoke," examining aspects such as ash properties, changes in carbohydrates, nutrient effects and flushing, nitrosamines, smoke composition, and collecting community feedback on taste, density, and overall impact. 

By taking this comprehensive approach, we aim to link specific cultivation and post-harvest techniques to the preferred qualities of smoke.

This unique collaboration aims to bring together the cannabis industry, academic researchers, and consumers to advance the quality of medicinal cannabis and establish reliable cultivation standards. Whether your interest lies in the plant's chemistry, its physiological effects, or the cultivation process, your participation will be invaluable.

We are seeking humans to participate in the study to give feedback on pre-rolls and the effect of water activity, nutrients & flushing and carbohydrates on smoke quality, including smoothness, ash color, and ease of lighting. If you are passionate about cannabis science and wish to contribute to improving product quality and consistency in the cannabis industry, we encourage you to join us.

Your involvement will play a crucial role in this scientific endeavor, potentially shaping the future of cannabis cultivation and use.

Sign up now to be part of this exciting journey from cultivation to consumer experience. While a minimum donation of $25 is requested to cover shipping and material costs, sponsorship may soon cover these expenses.

We are also seeking financial sponsors for this extensive, multi-year study. Brands looking for significant visibility, given that our researchers are influential in both the cannabis and academic social media spaces, are invited to support our efforts by reaching out to for sponsorship opportunities.

Note that no payment is required at registration. Any necessary payments will be requested only as we commence the human trials mid summer 2024. 

*we will send you an email when we have launched Phase II

Our research will primarily focus on pre-rolls


Thank you for your interest and support!

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