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Analyzing Photosynthesis in Cannabis Leaves

Allison Justice is Founder and CEO of The Hemp Mine, a 30-acre hemp farm in South Carolina that supplies premium hemp genetics bred in-house across the US. The Hemp Mine produces a wide array of consumer products ranging from smokable flower to topicals to tinctures of different concentrations for both humans and animals. Allison also co-founded the Cannabis Research Coalition, a professional group dedicated to addressing the cultivation and postharvest issues that challenge today’s cannabis industry. Allison recently co-authored an article in Cannabis Science and Technology titled “Reading the Leaves: Adventures in the Leaf-level Physiology of Cannabis” which takes a deeper look into how cannabis plants respond to light and CO2. In this episode, we discuss:

  • The difference in cannabis photosynthesis rates during vegetative and flowering stages

  • The possibility that during flowering, leaves in the cannabis flower take over the photosynthesis

  • Why cannabis growers may want to reduce light intensity and duration 6 weeks into flower

  • How maximizing light during flower can increase yield but reduce quality

  • Possible varietal differences in photosynthesis rates

Listen as Dr. Allison Justice discusses the analysis of photosynthesis in cannabis leaves on the CannMed Coffee Talk Podcast here:

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