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Free Resources

Whether you're an experienced grower or a newcomer to the field, our free resource page and tips of the trade provides essential insights, techniques, and best practices based on both rigorous research and hands-on experience. Unlock tried-and-true wisdom to enhance your cultivation skills. We're dedicated to empowering the cannabis community by offering this knowledge at no cost as our way of giving back. We'll continually update this page to keep you informed.


How to Calculate Fertilizer

Have you ever wanted to know which individual elements you are giving your plants when using fertilizer X? Or maybe you simply wanted to up your magnesium because you are seeing deficiencies.


Calculating elemental PPMs can be a complicated and daunting task which many do not do because of the difficulty. In this video Dr. Justice is going to walk you through an excellent (OPEN SOURCE) fertilizer formula calculator app which makes this process very easy.


In Dr. Justice's example, she is elevating Mg & K above what the 15-5-15 complete fertilizer base provides for an experiment (stay tuned). Remember these elements never come along solo... these are compounds. In this example, she is using both sulfate forms of Mg & K to keep all treatments as consistent as possible.


Thanks to Dr. Daniel Fernandez for the time and effort in creating such a great tool.


Cannabis Planting Map

The Cannabis Planting Map was created to help greenhouse growers and field farmers properly schedule/forecast their production.

The map includes data points on average frost potential and daylength at different dates for nearly every county throughout the U.S.



With this simple data, hemp and cannabis growers can not only make informed decisions about when to plant, which genetics to choose and when to start testing—they can also track their production schedule nearly down to the day.


Before delving into the map, it’s important for growers to understand photoperiodism.

Click on the video to watch & learn about photoperiodism and how to use this amazing planting map!

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